My Passion For Mystery Snails

The fishtank as a whole adds another element to our lives with animals that I never would have imagined.

For Jon, it’s about caring for and always refreshing the environment in one way or another.  For me, it’s mostly a visual experience.

I’m not as interested in taking care of the plants and animals as I am just watching them.  And it’s the Mystery Snails that really hold my attention.

I love to watch the way they move.

Graceful and quicker than I’d ever believed a snail could move, I’m fascinated by how they glide over rocks, plants, and even other snails.  How they effortlessly contort their bodies in one flowing movement.

I know snails are not for everyone, I’ve watched people’s eyes glaze over when I talk about them, similar to how my eyes glaze over when Jon talks about Revolutionary Battles.   But I’ve also experienced learning to care about things that I had no interest in because of another person’s passion.

Maybe I’ve captured a bit of my Mystery Snail passion in this video.


6 thoughts on “My Passion For Mystery Snails

    1. Yes Marsha, it is a Mystery Snail. We just got three new Mystery snails. They are all smaller than Socrates, the bright gold snail in his video.

  1. I love this video! Such graceful little creatures. I wish I could have a little tank, but living in an RV would be pretty bad for that, “earthquakes” every few days that last for hours. Thanks for all your inspiration and zest for life!

    1. Yes, Bryn, I could see that being a problem!:). I’m glad to provide this virtual fish tank. I’d imagine living in an RV you’d have some good veiws out your window.

  2. I had no idea they could move so quickly! They are mesmerizing, I think that having a fish tank in my classroom could be very calming

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