This Springs Bedlam Farm Wool

We just got back with my wool.  The black wool in the middle is Issachar’s.  The roving below is Ashers. I’ve already showed a picture of it to my friend Suzy who spins and is knitting shawls and scarves that I’ll sell in the Fall.  I told her I’d send her some.

She said it looked like it had a lot of loft, but I  had to ask her what that meant.  She said she thought of it as “lively springy fibers that respond nicely“.  I can feel the lively springy part when I feel it.

I’m going to count my skeins of wool and weight of roving, and figure out the cost this afternoon.  I’ll also have a list of people who I’ll be emailing.  They’ve already put in requests for wool from last year.   Then I’ll be putting the rest up for sale in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

Asher’s Roving


2 thoughts on “This Springs Bedlam Farm Wool

  1. Beautiful colors! I am not a knitter, but this display made me think of my late mom who was a master with knitting needles. She would have loved this. Thanks for jogging a fond memory.

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