Clothes of Woods, Shield of Words

I’m not ready to write about this piece I’m working on yet.  The idea came to me last week.

I clearly saw this woman wearing the woods as clothes, holding a shield of words, and a moth hovering over her right hand.

She came to me with some words, which I wrote down, but now can’t find.  I looked through all my scraps of papers everywhere they might be,  scoured Jon’s car where she came to me and looked through the paper in the recycling bin.

So I’ve given up looking, hoping that will make them appear and if not, I’ll accept that they weren’t the right words for her shield and come up with new ones.

My idea is to make her out of fabric, I don’t want to think about it too much.  I want to let the process guide me.

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6 thoughts on “Clothes of Woods, Shield of Words

  1. It will be interesting to see this creative journey unfold! I have no doubt that the finished piece of art will be beautifully inspiring!

  2. A book you might like, Terri Windling’s The Wood Wife. I describe it as art, myth, poetry and shape shifting in 1990s Tuscon. Probably my favorite book.

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