A Day Of Shawls, Scarves And Potholders

One of Suzy’s Shawls.  The mustard yellow is from my sheep.  This shawl is 51″ long and 15″ wide a the middle point. It’s Sold $150 + $8 shipping.  You can email me here if you’re interested in it.

My day was filled with Suzy’s shawls,  scarves and my blue potholders.

I pieced together scraps of vintage blue fabric as Suzy and I texted back and forth about selling her shawls and scarves.

Of course, the cool weather and turning leaves reminded me it was a good time to start selling shawls and scarves, but it was also Columbus Day weekend.  The weekend that we always had our Bedlam Farm Open House.  The weekend when I would sell Suzy’s gorgeous hand-spun and hand-knit work.

Over the past year, Suzy made four shawls and three scarves and she’s working on more as I write this. You may remember from past years that Suzy gets her wool from her own angora goats and supplements it with artisan’s wool that she buys. Including some Bedlam Farm Wool.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting the seven pieces that are done up for sale right here and in my Etsy Shop.  (If you’re interested in the one above you can email me here about it.  I’ll answer all your questions and any I can’t Suzy will).

Because I’ve felt them, I can guarantee that Suzy’s shawls are as soft and warm as they look.  So come back tomorrow and see them all.

One of the potholder’s I made today while texting with Suzy



2 thoughts on “A Day Of Shawls, Scarves And Potholders

  1. So much eye candy!
    Your potholder reminds me of waves at the ocean and how the sky and sea are always changing color.

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