Corona Kimono 11/2/20

Working on my Corona Kimono

I had a scare yesterday when I thought that Jon and I had been exposed to the Coronavirus.  But, this morning, after talking to the nurse at our doctor’s office, we found out that we weren’t at risk.

There are so few cases where we live (although like most places the numbers are rising) and we are careful to wear masks and wash our hands,  socially distance and stay away from groups of people.

The virus seemed so far away from us recently and then, suddenly it was at our door.

Waiting for our doctor to call us back this morning, I did what came most naturally, what kept me from thinking the worst.  I put the experience into my Corona Kimono.

I drew our house, the back porch, the doorway we use most often to go in and out of the house. Our home. I wrote that the Covid scare hit home.  And it did.

Yesterday and this morning were the most personal and real that I’ve felt the virus since it first began. It was a reminder to me that I won’t soon forget.

My Corona Kimono So far.

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