Suzy’s “Sunrise Shawl” Sold

Suzy’s “Sunrise Shawl” is  Sold 59″x 18″.  It’s $150 + $8 shipping.  You can buy it here. 

I knew Suzy was working on another shawl, but I never expected her to be finished with it so soon after her last shawl sold.

Her new shawl has a subtle delicacy about it, but the colors are also powerful.  The yellow and pink are dynamic together and Suzy used just the right ratio of them so they are striking without overpowering the white.  The pink bleeds into the multicolored wool below it and the yellow melts into the white above it.

Suzy knit some of Rosemary’s locks that I sent her into the white just above the yellow.

I am constantly impressed by Suzy’s use of color in her shawls.

I see in these colors, the pink clouds and intense yellow of a sunrise. And I’ve never gotten such a strong feeling from one of her shawls.  When I look at it I can’t help thinking it’s saying,  Don’t underestimate me.  I can be gentle, but my strength is unwavering. 

As you probably all know by now, all of Suzy’s shawls are handspun and handknit.  She uses the wool from her mohair goats, Lucy, April, Alice, Ruth and Larry as well as roving from some of her favorite fiber artists.

Suzy’s Sunrise Shawl is Sold 59″ long and 18″ wide it’s $150 + $8 shipping.  Sunrise is for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected].  

Rosemary’s white curly locks knit into Suzy’s Mohair wool from her goats.
Sunrise Shawl

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