Finishing Up My Umbrella Quilt

Ironing my Umbrella Quilt and Fate curled up next to me.

This time of year is always an adjustment for me. By four pm, the sun is going down.  It’s dark and cold and I just want to go into the house and sit by the woodstove.

I remember from past years that I’m not as productive.  The short days fly by too quickly.  I start getting down on myself, then remind myself this always happens this time of year.

So today I was determined to focus on backing and tacking my Umbrella Quilt and getting as much done as possible.  I set a goal to finish it even if it meant staying in my studio after the sunset.  It was a way of getting myself to work longer even if the clock inside of me was saying it was time to stop.

And it worked.  By 6 pm I had finished tacking the quilt.

Tomorrow I’ll sew the opening at the bottom and stitch the title, date, and my initials on it.  I have someone who is interested in it, but if that falls through I’ll be putting it up for sale tomorrow.


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