Constance, The New Zelda?

Constance with Liam in the background

Except for Asher, who plants his two front feet in the feeder when he eats, the rest of the sheep are constantly moving around it like they’re playing musical chairs.

This morning  Constance showed her true self again when she walked right up to Liam, my biggest wether, nudged him out of the way, and stuck her head in the feeder.  I was truly surprised when I saw Liam step away from the feeder, mouth full of hay to make space for her.

I’d seen Liam push many sheep away from the feeder, but never make room for one. Was he deferring to her because she’s a lamb I wondered?

But just a moment later he did that thing that the sheep do when they want to push another sheep away.  He picked up his front foot and pawed at Constance’s shoulder.

I’ve seen him do this before and the sheep always move away.   But Constance didn’t budge, she just kept eating.  Liam tried a few more times before giving up.  Then, he walked up to Pumpkin, who is three times as big as Constance, and pushed him out of the way, taking his place at the feeder.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I thought that Constance, who has great presence and attitude, might be our new Zelda.  What I saw today makes me think it might really be true.

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  1. My husband usually picks up the eggs, but because of a farm accident he can’t. Our new white hen tried to peck me the first day. I leaned down and looked her in the eye and said honey we need to come to an understanding. I will be gathering eggs and you need to be nice. She got out of the nest and I got the eggs. The next day I looked in her nest and she raised up so I could get her eggs. I told her what a good girl she was and petted her. My husband told me later that he pets her first, then gathers the eggs. I said to him now you tell me.

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