Waiting For The Snowstorm

This will probably be the last day the donkeys and sheep will be able to graze the back pasture for a while.  We’re expecting a big snowstorm starting tonight and cold weather in the days after.

Vince was here yesterday to spread out the gravel in the pole barn, and I put one of the branches I pruned from the apple tree this summer in the barn to give the animals something to chew on.  When they can’t graze they often start chewing on any wood that’s around including the barn.

I set up the cat beds in the basement for Minnie and Flo if they decide to come in.

I tried to give some grain to Constance along with Merricat and Scotty,  since it’s very cold out and grain helps keep them warm.  But she wasn’t interested.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

I closed the door on the Chicken coop at three pm.  Jon thinks the hens know it’s going to snow and decided to turn in early.

We have a new shovel and some sand to put on the back porch steps if it gets icy.  I think we’re as ready as we can be.

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