“Thank You” From Mary Kellogg

Mary Kellog and Jon at one of our Open Houses. photo by Suzy Fatzinger

Mary Kellog’s daughter called me and asked if I could thank all of you who send Mary cards throughout the year.  “There are so many of them,” she said, “and they mean so much to Mary.”

Because of her memory loss, Mary isn’t able to send out Christmas cards and because of the Corona Virus, her daughter can’t help her this year.

Mary always said that what she hoped her poems did most was to bring some joy to the people who read them.

So thank you, from Mary to everyone who has bought her books, and sent her cards.  I know she would like for me to share this winter poem with you all….


Sounds of Winter       By Mary Kellogg

I ski deep in the woods
slicing a track through new snow

lofty hemlocks shake their shoulders
to sprinkle snow powder

errant ice crystals play in the air
celebrating a lone woodpecker’s tapping

distant trees knock in the crackling cold
rubbing the skins of their neighbors

this muffled cloak envelopes me
with sumptuous sounds of winter.

November 2008


4 thoughts on ““Thank You” From Mary Kellogg

  1. Lovely and what a great picture of Mary and Jon. Would you post Mary’s address again. I’ll send her a card and thank her for the poetry book of hers that I ordered through you.
    I hope you and Jon have a nice Christmas get away.
    Blessings of the Season-
    Marcia in VT

    1. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas too Marcia. Thank you for buying Mary’s book and for writing to her. I’ll put Mary’s address up on my blog again when we get back But for now it’s:
      Mary Kellogg
      Holbrook Adult Home
      73 North St
      Granville NY 12832.

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