My Earring In The Grain

I found my earring when I started to sweep up the old grain on the barn floor.

Usually, I scoop the sheep grain directly from the bag, which I keep inside a metal garbage pail.  But the new bag of grain was clumped together and I decided to dump it directly into the pail so it would be easier to scoop.

But first I turned the garbage pail over, emptying the old moldy grain that sat on the bottom of it onto the barn floor.

And there it was, the earring I lost over a year ago.

I found another earring I had lost when I was digging in my garden last summer.  I had forgotten all about that earring.  And one time I found a bracelet that I had lost in the small stream in the woods.

It makes me feel like the farm and the woods held onto them for safekeeping.  Waiting for me to rediscover them. Like they weren’t really lost at all.  They were just where I didn’t expect them to be.


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