Enough Hay For The Winter

The donkeys and sheep were very happy with the new hay that was delivered today.

We got it from a farmer who has been experimenting with growing hay without using fertilizers.  He does it by planting certain cover crops to keep the soil healthy.

The hay looks and smells fresher, and it’s heavier as if it were just harvested.

Fanny and Lulu, who have been content at their own feeder until today, chased the sheep away and pushed the chaf out of the feeder to get to the tasty parts of the plants, that fall to the bottom.

Tomorrow I’ll feed the animals their regular hay again.  I’ll save the new hay for the colder days when they can use the extra energy.

After stacking the hay in the barn, I took a step back and looked at it all.  I felt a great sense of relief, seeing the empty space filled, knowing we’ll have enough hay for the winter.

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