The Three Lambs Sharing Grain

Clockwise…Scotty, Merricat and Constance sharing grain

This morning Constance was the first one to come running into the barn, baaing the whole time, to get her grain.  Merricat was close behind, but it took Scotty a little longer.  He was a little more reluctant to leave the hay already in the feeder.

They share well, each getting their fill of grain without trying to push each other away.  When it’s gone they run out of the barn joining the older sheep leisurely eating their hay.

2 thoughts on “The Three Lambs Sharing Grain

  1. They still look quite thin, especially one of them. Thankfully they are getting grain and are finally well taken care of.

    1. They’re really not thin Becky. Do you see they’re bellies? And Scotty is a different breed then the other lambs so he has a different body structure and not the same kind of wool.

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