Driving In My Car

Bud watching the tow truck out the window

Bud had already climbed his way onto the furniture to get the best view out the window by the time I got back in the house.  We both watched as the  AAA guy cranked my car onto the bed of his tow truck.

It was the third time I got into my car and the battery was dead.  The two other times I figured I’d left the lights on or the door slightly open and a friend give me a jump (we can’t use Jon’s car to jump mine because it’s a Hybrid).  This time I just called our mechanic who is just a few minutes down the road and told him I needed a new battery.

Clint kindly drove to the house to jump my car, and when it still wouldn’t start, guessed that the problem was the Starter and suggested I call AAA and have it towed to his garage.

The woman at AAA apologized repeatedly that it would take at least 90 minutes for a tow truck to come.  I was fortunate not to be stuck on the side of the road.  I told her it was no hurry and went back to work.  Ten minutes later the tow truck pulled into the driveway.  He was passing by the house on his way to his next pickup.

Now my car is back in the driveway with a new Starter.  It couldn’t have gone smoother.

I don’t drive it much since the pandemic, mostly just into town and back.  But I like knowing that my car is there when I need it.  Being able to drive and having a car has always been a source of independence and freedom for me.

Partly because I never lived anywhere that had good public transportation.  But also because my mother didn’t drive and my father liked it that way.  He felt that if she drove she wouldn’t be as dependent on him.

Sometimes when I pull out of the driveway, I remember that feeling I had of finally being on my own,  when I first started driving. The feeling that I could go anywhere I wanted.  It wasn’t really true, my 20-year-old car that I paid $100 for often wouldn’t start and would have broken down before I got too far.  But it was still more freedom than I’d ever had before.

And of course, unlike my mother, when I was driving, I was in control.

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  1. Hi Maria, that’s great you were at home. My husband and I don’t drive much in this pandemic either so our battery got weak and we knew to finally get a more advanced/more dependable one called an AGM (absorbed glass mat) In cold weather it holds it’s charge longer. We’ve had no trouble since. I know you don’t like advise but I wanted to share this in case it can be helpful. Ask around! I’d rather share on a more fun thought:. Bud on chair watching! And Jon’s pic of sleepy Bud in chair while you read! Also I truly enjoy your varied artistic talents:yarn stories, quilting, videos. Thanks so much for inspirations,. Joan

    1. Thanks Joan. It’s good to know. I haven’t really had any trouble with the battery. But I do start my car everyday even if I don’t drive it. And thanks for reading my blog. I do love to hear that you enjoy it!

  2. Maria, I’ve been having a similar problem with my Pathfinder. The battery went dead, I had it boosted on the main street of the town I am near, it ran for another month and a half, then conked out again last week in my laneway. I’ve had it in for service, they could find nothing wrong with it, said they checked different things, but I wonder if they checked my starter. My battery was low on my key though it’s a keyless starter. I must ask and check my bill.
    Thanks for this,
    Sandy Proudfoot

  3. You might want to get a jumper box that you keep charged up and in the house. I hang it in its bag on the door so that I can take it to the car on my way out if the weather is really frigid. I just have to remember to bring it back in. It can drain if left in the car. That way you can charge your car if the battery really died.

    1. I haven’t really had any trouble with the batter Kathyrn. I remember when I first moved upstate and it was a very cold winter. I kept a light under the hood of my car to keep the insides warm so it would start in the morning.

  4. A hybrid car can indeed jump start another car! We have a Toyota Highlander Hybrid and have charged other car batteries. Google it. 😉

    1. Hazel, I did google it we talked to our mechanic and the dealer about it. That’s how I know not to do it. Perhaps it’s different with your hybrid but Jon was recommended not to use his to jump my car.

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