Two Winter Tree Potholders For Sale

Winter Tree Potholder I,  for sale in my Etsy Shop 

I don’t remember who gave me the winter tree fabric, but I do love it.  I’ve used it a few times already, and when I was going through my scrap bin making potholders I found a couple of pieces of it.

So I made two Winter Tree Potholders.   And even though today feels like spring with temperatures in the high thirties, I know winter is still here for a while.

They are both for sale in my Etsy shop.  You can buy them here. 

They are $20 each + $5 shipping for one or more.

Winter Tree Potholder II, for sale here.

3 thoughts on “Two Winter Tree Potholders For Sale

    1. Oh Thank you Therese. It’s always lovely to be able to spend time outside. I do have more fabric and a few people said they liked them, and since I love working with those winter trees too, I’ll probably make more.

  1. Hi Maria,
    Are there any more potholders on the horizon? I’m not fast enough to grab one. Guess I’m too busy trying to get a vaccine appointment online. (Ha-ha.) Thanks for all you do for others – you are amazing.
    Take good care,

    1. Hi Susan, I hope you got an appointment to get your vaccine! And yes, I have more potholders in the making. I should have a bunch done tomorrow that I’ll be posting in my Etsy shop. I can email you and let you know when I do. Thanks for asking!

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