Help A Donkey At The On-Line Save Your Ass Fundraising Auction

The Sheep Pillow with Carol Conklin’s printed batik that I made for the Save Your Ass Auction. 

Every year Jon and I each donate something to the Save Your Ass Fundraising Auction.  This year the auction will be held online from April 11-18.  You can find out more about it here.

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue is a Donkey Rescue in New Hampshire run by Ann Firestone.  As you might imagine, this has been an especially difficult year for the Donkey Rescue.

Jon and I have been in touch with Ann for years and hopefully this year we’ll get to visit the Donkeys she has taken in and meet Ann in person.

In past years I’ve donated potholders and wool to the fundraising auction.  This year I made a pillow using one of Carol Conklin’s Batik Sheep prints.

I thought it the perfect collaboration of artist’s work going for a cause we both believe in.

Jon’s contribution will be two of his books, Saving Simon and Katz on Dogs, along with  “Yellow Barn,” a signed photo.

So if you’d like to support some donkeys who could use some help, check out the online  action.  You might leave with something you’ve always wanted and help a donkey at the same time.

Jon’s donation to the Save Your Ass Auction

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