Jon’s Garden


Jon planting seeds while Zinnia watches.

Jon filled the little plastic containers with soil and poked two Zinnia seeds in each one, then watered them.

I’ve never seen Jon plant seeds before although he told me when he lived in the cabin where he wrote Running To The Mountain, he grew many gardens.

For the past few years, I took over the gardens. But a few weeks ago Jon said he’d like to have a garden.  The problem was that he can’t bend down so easier anymore.

That’s when I suggested a raised bed garden.

He went right online and found a 72″ long, cedar, raised garden bed. I was very happy to be able to put it together for him today.

I guess I love the idea of Jon having a garden because gardening is something that nourishes, restores and grouds me.  And I believe it will do the same for Jon.

I also love how Jon doesn’t give up on what he wants to do.  Even if he has to adjust and rearrange or completely rethink it, he finds a way to do what he wants.

After the raised bed was all together we walked around the yard figuring out where to put it.  Jon thought it would work right in front of the Tin Man and I agreed.

Tomorrow we’ll get some soil and dump it in the bed.

Now the Zinnia seeds Jon planted are on the window sills in the house till they sprout and it’s warm enough to plant them. He wants to plant some herbs too, cilantro and basil to start.

Last summer the Zinnia seeds I planted in my garden didn’t grow.  I was planning on putting some in pots this spring.  But now I don’t have to.

I’ll focus on my perennial gardens on the ground and be happy to leave the Zinnia’s and whatever else he decides to grow to Jon.

Jon and Zinnia in front of the Raised Bed Planter

6 thoughts on “Jon’s Garden

  1. Love this photo! So sweet.
    Because of you and Jon talking about the raised garden, I’ll be planting one also. So excited.
    My husband, John has lots of cedar in the garage, so lucky me, he will build me one.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love Jon’s hat! Should have known it had blue in it but it was a lovely surprise! Thanks for building the garden. I can’t wait to see the outcome. We have cedar, maybe I can make one too.

    1. Oh I didn’t build it Becky, I just put it together. It was easy with holes already drilled. I just had to predrill for some of the screws. Making one yourself is very impressive! 🙂

  3. Maria-Were did you order Jon’s raised garden kit from? Like Jon I cannot bend over very well but I used to love to get my hands in dirt. My husband has a large vegetable garden and I have a gardener who takes care of our perennial beds but this way I could do herbs and some flowers in the raised garden. (I love the fact that Jon’s garden is being watched over by Ed’s Tin Man, who always makes me smile.)
    Enjoy your new sewing machine! I love watching Robin grow.

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