Getting To Know Kitty and Anne, Our Brahma Chicks

That’s Kitty in my hand and Anne looking on.

I can already see the difference between Kitty and Anne, our Brahma chicks.   It not just the markings on the top of their head.  Kitty, who has three gray dots on her head, is a little bigger and a little more assertive than Anne.

She’s always the first to jump in my hand and is more likely to push or peck Anne out of the way.

But Anne, who has a “y” shaped marking on her head,  will jump in my hand too, or perch on my finger.  And she always comes working her way around Kitty to get the food out of my hand.

The chicks are growing quickly.

The second day we had them they were lifting their head and exploring everything in the box curiously.  Now, five days later, they’re fluttering their wings and perching on the stick I put in their box.

They’re also responding to my voice and my “KittyAnne” song.

They look for food when I sing it to them.  We started feeding them mealworms as a treat along with their food, which they love.  That was Jon’s idea, he’s always looking for the best treats for all of us.

It’s supposed to get warm and stay warm for the coming weeks starting Tuesday.  So we’ll move Kitty and Anne off the dining room table and into the barn then.

My plan is to put them in a box in a wire dog crate with the heat lamp over it.  They’ll be in the stall where  Robin was when he was first born.   They’ll be safe and warm there.

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