Finding Brown Fabric At The Senior Center Thrift Shop

The brown pants and shirt I got at the thrift store today.  (And the chickens out my window)

“Is your name Maria?, the woman at the Thrift Store asked me.  “Are you married to Jon Katz?”.

I’d thought of it many times but had never been to the Senior Center Thrift Store in town.  They seemed to only be open sporadically and never when I needed something.  But today, when I was thinking of a place to look for brown fabric for my Pink Moon Quilt, the Senior Center came to mind.

The woman, who sat behind a desk as I walked into the old house that is now the Cambridge Senior Center, also asked me if I danced.  I figured she read Jon’s blog and knew about my Bellydancing.  But she didn’t.  She saw Jon and me at the post office one day and said I walked like a dancer.

That’s when I told her I’d only been dancing for a few years, but I was flattered.  What she said made me think that Bellydancing was changing me in ways I wasn’t even aware of.

There were four or five rooms of clothing and housewares in the thrift shop.  But I was focused.  I was looking for brown and it didn’t take me long to find it.

I found three pairs of brown pants, a brown shirt, and three drape panels.  The pants didn’t have prices on them which meant they would go into the $5 bag.  The drapes were $4.  I got a few more things to fill up my bag and a sheet that I could use for a quilt backing and some yellow placemats.  It all totaled up to $19.

I didn’t get to try out the browns on my quilt but I was relieved to have them.  I woke up last night running through the clothes in my closet in my mind trying to think if I had anything brown I could use.  So tonight I’ll have to find something else to think about when I wake at 3am.

I only realized after I left, that I didn’t even ask the woman in the Thrift shop what her name was.  But I will next time.  She told me they move a lot of merchandise and always have new things.  So I know I’ll be going back again soon.


One thought on “Finding Brown Fabric At The Senior Center Thrift Shop

  1. Hummm.. looks like well worn uniforms of “The Big Brown”.. U PS Worldwide which seems appropriate given your use of Guatemalan fabric and the moon scene for this latest quilt ! Enjoy seeing your creative process and your finished creations.

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