Birds In The House

The drawing I did in the little book the Kitty gave me

Feeling better but still off, now my brain was fuzzy too.  So I thought I’d take advantage of my soft thoughts which where having  a hard time forming, to start something new.  Not thinking can be key to creativity.

I had no ideas, so began by looking through my old quilts.  They have made the perfect backings for my fabric paintings in the past. I chose three, kept one face up and turned the other two over so there were two shades of quilted white to work with.

Then I looked at them.

I rejected the one face up and focused on the other two. I looked at the textured surfaces and what came to mind was a drawing I did, a few months ago, in the little book that Kitty gave me.

It was the couch and the birds that came back to me.  There’s something about the birds flying around in the house as if they belong there that appeals to me.

So I found the drawing and focused on the couch first. I knew I wanted to stitch it using my free-motion sewing machine, but first I wanted to make sure I knew how I wanted to draw it.  The couch in the drawing is the one in our living room. So I went into the house and did a drawing.

I wanted to have a feeling for it because I’d be stitching directly onto the piece of fabric that I’d be using for the fabric painting. But I didn’t want to draw the couch on the fabric first.  I wanted it to have the spontaneity and freshness of being stitched directly.

If my brain was foggy before I began, it was numb by the time I got done.  This is as far as I got, but it’s a beginning.

2 thoughts on “Birds In The House

  1. Maria,
    It’s a really beautiful and interesting beginning. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. You were probably too tired to appreciate your own creativity. And by the way, I have been too busy to comment but I see all of what you do and the last quilt was stunning. Again another favorite of mine.

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