The Vet Come For Liam Tomorrow

Suzy, Liam and Lulu

Tomorrow a vet will come and take a look at Liam.

He actually seems to be doing a little better, but I found a small pussy bump just above both front hooves.  Liam was really good about letting me squeeze the puss out and put antibiotic ointment on them.  But Jon thought if there was puss there might be an infection.  Liam is still lagging behind although he’s never lost his appetite which is always a good sign.

Liam’s mom Suzy, has been sticking close to Liam.  Sitting near him in the pole barn and often waiting for him and walking with him out to the pasture. But she usually does that even if he’s feeling fine. They’ve had a strong connection since he was born and still do.

4 thoughts on “The Vet Come For Liam Tomorrow

  1. Gosh, I sure hope he’ll be okay. I loved his glamour photo. It was my second favorite. I think the very first one you took of Merricat is still the best (IMHO). Liam, I wish you well!

  2. Glad to hear the Vet is coming to check Liam; I’ve noticed he has seemed painful when he walks for the past few weeks. You and Jon always take good care of your animals – good stewards. I hope Liam will be OK – he is my favorite since Zelda (although Robin is awfully close ….)

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