“Here I Am”, Suzy’s Summer Shawl

Suzy’s “Here I Am” Shawl

I put on long sleeves and socks this morning.  As the day warms up I’ll be taking them off, but as night comes, they’ll be back on again.

Suzy finished her “Here I Am” shawl just as the summer nights and mornings are beginning to get cool. It feels like a summer shawl to me, although I can imagine being uplifted by the bright colors on dreary winter days too.

I posted a photo of the shawl a few days ago before Suzy had finished it.  She showed me the ball of pink and orange yarn that she was planning on adding to it.  I wondered how that would work, and now I can see how well she integrated into the design.

When draped over shoulders you can see how the bold green, yellow and blue juxtapose the gradation of Chakra colors on the left.

Suzy has been working on shawls all summer that I’ll be selling in the fall.  But when she sent me the photo of this one, I thought there might be someone out there who might find it perfect for the cool summer nights and mornings.

“Here I Am” is $150 + $10 shipping.  Her shawls are generally around 63″x 18″. ( I can get the exact measurements from Suzy, if anyone would like to know). If you have any questions about Suzy’s Shawl or would like to buy it, you can email me at [email protected].  or leave a comment on my blog. I take checks, paypal, and venmo.  

All of Suzy’s shawls are made from her own mohair goats wool and from wool she chooses from some of her favorite fiber artists. She washes them in a natural solution so they are as soft as they look.

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