My Spring Wool and All My Sheep

I picked up my wool yesterday from Deb at the Fiber Festival at the Washington County Fair Grounds.  The colors aren’t quite right in this photo. The brown, which is Issachar’s wool is actually black and what looks like tan is actually natural gray.

Today I’ll go through my preorders and I’ll put the rest of the wool up for sale in my Etsy Shop tomorrow. Each skein is 3 ply worsted, is 200 yards and $27 each + shipping.

I also have two bags of roving which I’ll be making dryer balls with. I have about 50 preorders for them.

You can get a good look at all my sheep the wool came from in my video below.

6 thoughts on “My Spring Wool and All My Sheep

  1. that blue is beautiful! Not that you will run out of things to sell, but a small felted ball about the size of a quarter makes the best cat toys. You know how nuts we are for our cats… I have a whole bag and always looking for more. Ive got one cat that likes to take them apart. The other two carry them around like prey, so proud of themselves! Cheers

    1. Ah I know what you mean Kate, Our Boston terrier loves to pull the wool apart too. I have to make sure the door is secure where I keep my wool so he doesn’t get at it. it’s a good thought about leftovers.

  2. Maria, you probably have so many preorders for the dryer balls you won’t do more, but if by chance you do, I’d like to buy one or two from you. Just let me know at [email protected].
    Thank you,

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