Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

Robin’s Bulky Wool, Suzy and Lori’s Gray wool, and Constance’s Black wool on the end.  The white and dyed wool is from Merricat, Liam and Kim.

I just posted the wool I still have available in my Etsy Shop.  Each skein is 200 yards and it’s 3 ply worsted.  Each skein is $27 + shipping.

The white and dyed wool comes from Merricat, Liam and Kim.  It’s a combination of Romney, Border Leicester and Karakul.  Constance gave me 14 skeins of black Romney wool.  That’s a lot of wool for a little sheep.  I also have natural gray wool from Lori and Suzy. That’s a combination of Romney and Border Leciester.  I made Robin’s black wool into a bulky yarn.

The lilac wool sold out quickly.   Because I didn’t shear all the sheep I do have less wool than usual and it’s selling quickly.  I sold almost half of it to the people on my wool list.  (you can get on my wool list by simply sending me an email)

You can see all the wool I still have available in my Etsy Shop. Just click here.

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