Photo’s From The Hafla

Trish, Callie, Emily, Kat, Kathleen, and Julz, and me upfront.

I have so many photos from the Hafla, I want to share some of them. Then, this morning Julz texted me more and those have me in them too. I’ll write more about the Hafla later, but for now, here are some photos of the dancing that we did.

Julz and Kathleen did a slow and fast dance working their skirts into the moves.  I’d never seen that before, it’s something new they’ve been working on.

Kathleen and Julz

Callie and Trish danced with swords. I didn’t get a good picture of their dance, but it was impressive. In the photo below Kathleen is helping Trish adjust her turban.  And you can see Callie standing next to them, balancing a sword on her head.

Callie, Emily and Trish danced a slow and fast dance together.

Callie, Trish and Emily dancing a fast dance

Emily did a beautiful  solo slow basket dance.

Emily doing her basket dance

I danced with Callie, Emily, and Trish.  Julz sent me a couple of photos of us all.  During the fast dance, I looked terrified. But I did have a ghost of a smile during the slow dance.

Trish, Callie,  Emily, and me slow dancing.   Photo by Julz Irion

Kat, a founding member of Bennington Beledi Bellydancers, no longer comes to class, but she’s there at the Tribal Workout and comes to the Hafla and dances a few dances with us every year.  She also helped me tie my coin bra so it kept my breasts from sagging, Bless her.

Kat and Julz

When we all first got there, Julz went around to each of us and took a selfie with her.

Me and Julz



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