Finding And Creating My Own Patterns From Nature

The woodstove was clicking with warmth next to me.  I sat in the wicker rocker, eyes closed, my legs pulled up under me. Fate and Bud slept in front of the fire as still as I wanted to be. I tried to remember to let the thoughts that came to me leave just as quickly. Some stayed longer than others.

Then one came that I didn’t want to forget.

I was thinking about how I often got the designs, patterns, and even images from books.  Many came from my Language of The Goddess book, some from Ernst  Haeckel’s nature drawings. And I got the idea to use what I found in nature on my walks in the woods instead. To use the things that I saw that caught my attention as a jumping-off point to create my own patterns and designs.

I don’t know what happens next, how I’ll use them.  But I’m sure they will lead to something.

So as I walked in The Orphaned woods today, I took some pictures.  Once home I got my sketchbook and a marker, pulled up the first picture I took and began to draw.

Below are the first drawings that I made from the photo above of the small broken branch with the drop of water on its tip.


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