Mother Mary’s Blue Lace

drying lace

Yesterday I washed the lace I’ll be using on my Blessed Mother fabric painting.  Today I dyed it.

The lace in a hot pot of water being dyed

I used Rit fabric dye and did it in two batches because my pot wasn’t big enough to hold all the lace at once.  I let each one soak for an hour. Just boiling the water took a while.  So while I waited, I did three months’ worth of bookkeeping.

Doing my bookkeeping

I didn’t expect this to take all day, but it did.

In a way.

I took a walk at three after feeding the animals. And soon after that, it was dark out.  I just can’t seem to get myself to do much work after 4:30 so far this week.  Once it gets dark I lose my energy.  I know it will pick up again as the winter moves on. I also know from years past that this is one of those quiet, slow weeks.

Lots of people are away, off from work and school, and getting ready to celebrate the New year.

So I’ve decided not to fight it but take advantage of it.  I’m not exactly on vacation, but I’m taking it slow and easy.

The dyed blue lace drying by the woodstove


6 thoughts on “Mother Mary’s Blue Lace

  1. This is always my favorite week all year. I don’t count the days until Christma, I count the weeks until the week between Christmas and the New Year. I keep my calendar as empty as possible and just relax and do whatever I am drawn to do! (which is often puzzles, (which I love), and looooong slooow walks around my neighborhood!
    Glad to know that another enjoys this special time!

  2. Beautiful! I use lace in my pottery and I love all of the patterns I can get by pressing the lace into the clay. After I bisque fire the pieces, I use glaze to bring out the patterns I see.

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