Spring Days In Winter

Liam, Robin, Constance, Socks, Suzy, Merricat.  Back row Laurie, Kim, Biddy, Issachar.

The donkeys and sheep are having an easy winter.  It’s been warm enough to do fall cleanup gardening. Warm enough for the ticks to come back to life. I got fires going in the woodstoves, but I won’t be stoking them as I usually would this time of year.

I’d bet the snow and cold weather will be back, but it probably won’t stay as long.  These “spring” days in winter seem to be more regular now.

2 thoughts on “Spring Days In Winter

  1. Dear Maria,
    Our niece’s house is safe right now and those around it. Her ex-husbands is gone. He Will go back with her to hers when they are allowed to. All roads are closed at present. Smoke damage is expected to be severe but this can evebpntually be dealt with.
    Take care, Erika W.

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