Stitching Mother Mary’s Face


This morning I walked into my studio and knew it was the day I’d stitch my Mother Mary’s face and hands.

The drawing of the face I made was so “right” I just pinned it onto the doily and stitched over the pencil lines.

Then I tore the paper away…

The rest I did freehand on my sewing machine.  I used three different colors for her eyes…

Then I started working on her hands stitching over a drawing I made of them as I did with the face.

But when I got them done, they just didn’t look like the hands that would go with her face.   I kept drawing them over and over again but it just wasn’t working.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Maybe I have to think of them in a different way than I am. Even if, right now, I have no idea what that might be.


5 thoughts on “Stitching Mother Mary’s Face

  1. This is mesmerizing. I love following your thought patterns. Best art class i’ve ever been invited to attend. Thank you.

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