A Place To Graze

This hill in the back pasture faces the sun just as our solar panels do.  So it is mostly cleared of snow and ice.  It’s the only place for the sheep and donkeys to graze beside the frozen marsh, where the long, dry grasses poke through the ice.

There’s so much satisfaction in seeing the animals grazing. It calms them to be able to do what it is their nature to do. Like us humans who have found our calling and are living it.

a tuft of wool strung between two of the plants(I don’t know what they’re called) that grown in the pasture near the marsh


5 thoughts on “A Place To Graze

  1. Sure is nice to see bare ground… we still have minds of snow!
    Those are very strange plaand…! I wonder what they are?

    1. We never got a lot of snow Gloria, just a lot of ice! But yours will hopefully be melting soon too. Spring is coming 🙂 I looked up the plant after writing the post. I want to find out more about it, but it’s called a Sensitive Fern. Which I find interesting because it looks so hardy. But the fern leaves dry with the first frost, unlike so many other kinds of ferns that stay green throughout the winter.

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