“Forest Floor”, On Its Way Home

Forest Floor

I put my latest quilt Forest Floor in a box today and sent it off to Lisa.  She bought it for her husband for his birthday.  She told me he always loved to walk in the woods, but can’t anymore because of health reasons. She’s hoping the quilt will bring a bit of the woods to him.

When I was working on this quilt, my goal was for it to have the feeling of being in the woods.  I hope it can do a little of that for Lisa’s husband.

The red checkered fabric is on the back of the quilt

5 thoughts on ““Forest Floor”, On Its Way Home

    1. I think of you in your new climate Uta, and wonder at the plants that grow where you are now and which you miss from the north east. Thanks for your good words.

  1. Good morning
    This is an absolutely beautiful quilt. And I love how your art spreads so much love, nourishment, joy, and inspiration. To witness your creativity and sharing are gifts are special gifts.
    in peace and gratitude, Carol

    1. Why Thank you Carol, that’s so very nice to hear. I’m so glad you’re there for me to share with. I do love that my art can bring those good things to people. It’s more than I can hope for.

  2. This is so beautiful, Maria. From the first few pieces when you began, I felt a serenity about the plants and colors. It just makes me calm to look at it. I love to see your quilts evolve from the first little sparks of inspiration.

    1. There was something calming about working on it Laura. I hadn’t thought that till you mentioned it. Maybe that’s why I made it…..

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