Making A Book For The Mansion, Getting Help From Jackie and Emily


Jackie at Lunch

Jackie and I both agreed that we might as well get lunch.

I went to her house today to see if she could help me format and figure out how we might publish the short story about the duck written by some of the people who live at The Mansion. This is the book we’ve been making illustrations for since last spring, with many delays because of the pandemic.

We were kicking around a few ideas about how to put the book together including self-publishing on Amazon and printing out copies of the illustrations and text and simply stapling it together.

I asked Jackie for help because she published two poetry books on Amazon.  What I didn’t take into account was that she did that a while ago and things have changed since then.

So we tried a couple of things but gave up after an hour or so.  It was easy to give it up because I had a backup plan.  I’d gotten in touch with Emily, who has been making all kinds of books for years, and asked for her help too.

Emily has many good ideas of how to put the book together, so I abandoned the Amazon idea altogether, embracing the thought of a hand-made book.

I still feel like I made progress on the book today. Now I know what I don’t want to do.

And Jackie and I got to have lunch together at a good Thai restaurant in Glens Falls.  It was Jackie’s turn to pay and she even bought Jon some dumplings for me to take home to him.

Tomorrow I’ll talk to Emily about the book.  I’ll let you know what happens.

Claudia with one of her drawings for the book.

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