Tacking My Moth Quilt

Sewing the batting and backing on my Moth quilt

I was listening to the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings as I worked on my Moth quilt today. I’ll admit there is much I don’t understand, but I like being present for what I hope is her confirmation to the Supreme Court and history in the making.

I got the quilt all sewn up and started tacking it with dark green yarn.  I didn’t get far and I have Bellydancing tonight but I plan on having it done by the end of the week. My Moth quilt is sold.

The back of my Moth quilt with one row of tacking done.

2 thoughts on “Tacking My Moth Quilt

  1. We are doing everything, on the right sight of our house, in the company of shrieking birds and it certainly goes way past bird song! Every year a mockingbird pair and a cardinal pair nest in a Philadelphus mock orange and Banksia rose, right up against one of our windows and sliding doors. They nest too close to each other and squeak away endlessly only to obviously saying “Go way you *****”. But this year another pair of birds–blue jays, have found this lovely spot and are trying to barge in. The noise is incredible.
    Last year the two different pairs were often feeding the wrong nestlings! Any babies wanting attention got it from which ever bird happened to fly in first = no discrimination.
    Meanwhile Mrs Raven now walks backwards and forwards over my feet when I come out with birdseed and I am including little scraps of bacon fat or meat for her.
    It’s a busy life!

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