A Little Hope

The little scrap that Karen sent me.

I didn’t get much time in my studio today.  Jon and I had breakfast at Jean’s Diner on our way to dropping his car off in Bennington for maintenance. We got back just in time for me to get to The Mansion. Then we had lunch and in between that and driving Jon to pick up his car, I had a couple of hours to do some work.

I could have worked on my Moth quilt but I had an itch to make some potholders.

So I emptied out a bag of scraps that Karen sent me and when I saw the three little pieces of fabric sewn together with the white one  in the center I got an idea.

I’m not sure where it came from.  But somehow, that little white space reminded me of a little bit of hope.  Suddenly I could see the word, tiny and all but lost in the fabric surrounding it.

So I pieced together a potholder around the squares that Karen made then stitched the word “hope” on the little white square.

I think I’ll be making more of these tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “A Little Hope

    1. I have a pair of Ginger Shears that my mother bought me for my birthday when I was in my early 20’s. I send it off to Ginger to be sharpened when needed. I love that scissors. I also have a Fiskar and a sharpener for that. I always use them both when I sew, because I’m always “losing” on or the other. 🙂

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