A Family Of Maples

I pass this family of maples every time I walk on my neighbor’s path in the woods.  I’ve taken their picture before, but today I was able to get a photograph of just how I see them. I imagine they will eventually all grow together and become one tree.

Do you remember a couple of years ago when I visited the home of a wolf spider in a tree much like this one that was eventually cut down?  I was surprised today when I  found a smaller tree with a similar mushroom growing over a “doorway” to a home that might be fit for a wolf spider.

I don’t know if anyone is living in this tree, but I’ll keep visiting it and maybe I’ll get lucky and see if it is occupied.

I found this dancing couple on my way back.  Trees twist like that for different reasons.  Often they’re shaped when another tree falls on them or by disease.  Sometimes they lose a lead branch and another one grows to make an unlikely shape.

There are trees throughout the country that were shaped by Native Americans and used as trail markers.  From what I’ve read they have pretty distinctive shapes and are a lot older than any of the trees in the woods I walk in.

But even if the trees in my woods are naturally formed, I still use them as markers.  If I were dropped into the Orphaned Woods near one of these distinctive trees, I’d know exactly where I was.

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