Planting Pansies

Once the birdfeeder in front of my studio comes down for the summer, I’ll hang this planter of pansies by my studio. But for now, it’s on the front porch.

I didn’t open my vegetable garden. Jon planted the onions we got in his raised bed garden.  We’ll let some of the onions grow and some we’ll cut and use as green onions during the summer.

I also put some pansies in the planter on the woodshed door.

Every year I try out a new liner for this hanging basket that I found in the barn when we bought the farm.  I’ve used plastic liners, coconut mat liners, moss liners, and wool from my sheep.  This year I cut the bottom off of an empty feed bag from the sheep’s grain.  It turns out it’s the perfect size, which most of my other solutions weren’t.

I’ll find out how it works as the seasons move on.

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