Bud, Soft and Sweet


I heard Jon turn off the light in his study and knew he was on his way into the living room. I got up and stopped him in the doorway.

“Before you come in,” I said, “I  want you to know I already took a picture of Bud and put it up on Instagram and facebook.”

Jon took his own picture,  of Bud and scooped me when it came to putting the picture up on my blog. I knew Jon wouldn’t be able to resist getting a picture of Bud sleeping in the rocker.  He was really irresistible, looking so soft and snuggly.

Earlier in the night, I watched as the chair tipped back and Bud jumped off as his world rocked back and forth. I thought he would have had enough of that. But he jumped right back on the rocking chair, got his balance, and quickly started snoring again.

Bud, like a cat, always finds the warmest and most comfortable place to sleep.

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