Photos From The Dump In The Woods

My foot just about all better, I went for a short walk and visited the dump in the Orphaned Woods.

When I pulled a glass bottle out of the ground, it made this perfect circle in the green moss. Like pulling a cork out of a genie’s bottle, I immediately began imagining this hole in the earth as a passage to another world.

Though it still has it’s top screwed tightly on, this jar had a crack in it big enough to grow a garden inside it. It is attached to the earth by the roots of the plants growing in it.

A close-up of the life inside the jar. 

Can you see the edge of this broken green bottle in the top right corner?   The bottle has become a terrarium for this moss garden.

6 thoughts on “Photos From The Dump In The Woods

  1. This is like Alice in Wonderland. Things get incredibly small and then … If stuff pops up with “Eat Me!” or “Drink Me!” on it, I double dare you!

  2. The jar with the rings and the metal top brings back childhood memories. I believe it’s a Maxwell House Instant Coffee jar from the 1950s, early 1960s. My parents drank Maxwell House and I remember the jars. They had a red top with white stars. In the summer I would catch lightning bugs and put them in the jar. We always let the fireflies go when it was time to go in for the night.

  3. Maria, Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have no woods to explore, so I experience walks with you. You show us things I’m sure I would miss.

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