Brown Hen and White Hen, A Strong Connection

White Hen and Brown Hen

Brown Hen doesn’t seem to be getting much better, but she doesn’t seem that much worse either.  She’s staying in the coop a little longer in the mornings, and is still moving slowly, but comes out in the afternoon.

Sometimes I see White Hen walking around by herself or with Kitty and Anne.  But when they’re in the coop for the night, White Hen is in the nesting box with Brown Hen.

I guess I could say that they’re just used to being together.  It’s been just the two of them for a long time.  But they never slept in the same roosting box, so I can’t help but think that White Hen is protecting Brown Hen, keep an eye out for her.

Whatever is going on, there is obviously a strong connection between the two hens.

I have to admit each morning I expect to find Brown Hen dead in the coop. But I’m glad we decided to let her live her life out naturally.  She doesn’t seem to be suffering and she’s already survived longer than I would have expected.

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