Counting My Sheep

I always count the sheep when I bring them in from the pasture to make sure they’re all back. This morning it was Liam who didn’t come back with the rest of the sheep, this afternoon it was Lori.

Liam didn’t seem to realize the rest of the sheep were back at the barn.  I moved him along walking behind him with my arms up.  At first he hesitated and tried to get around me.  But then he looked around and saw he was all alone in the pasture.

He called out and some of the sheep back at the barn answered.  That’s when he started running back to the barn.

Healthy sheep do not want to be alone.

While Liam didn’t know he was alone, Lori seemed content to be just on the other side of the gate after the rest of the sheep came through it this afternoon. I closed the gate so the other sheep wouldn’t go back out because I knew Lori wouldn’t want to stay in the pasture if she couldn’t see the other sheep.

After all the rest of the sheep went into the polebarn it didn’t take Lori long to come to the gate.   I opened it just enough so she could run in.

And she did.

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