Sitting With The Donkeys

Jon and Lulu

Yesterday Jon pulled up a chair (the one the donkeys often turn over and use to scratch themselves on) in the barnyard to try out his new camera.

Before he could even think to take a picture, Lulu came over to him.   The donkeys love attention and after the cold winter when all of our patience is short,  it’s easy to forget that sitting with the donkeys is a peaceful and nourishing way to spend time.

So yesterday Jon and I decided to be more conscious of spending a little time each day sitting with the animals.

Today we sat under the apple tree with Zinnia and Fate.  The hens quickly joined us and so did the wind.  It rang Ed’s frying pan windchime and got the branches and leaves dancing over our heads.

4 thoughts on “Sitting With The Donkeys

  1. Maria…
    Farms are businesses and farm animals are resources. But they are also living beings and companions that are a pleasure to appreciate.

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