“The Odd Duck Finds Love”. The Book is Sold Out Thank You!

Peg, me and Claudia.  Peg and Claudia both helped write the story and illustrate the book.

It’s been a long time coming, about two years, but I finally got the book that we’ve been working on at The Mansion done.  Jon and I picked it up at Staples yesterday and brought it to The Mansion today.

Julie, the former activities director at The Mansion, helped a few of the people who live there to write the story.  That was before Covid hit.  When the shutdown ended and I was back with my art class, Julie saw the chickens we were drawing and suggested we illustrate the story about the Duck they had written.

With many Covid interruptions, we finally got all the illustrations done a year later.

Then Sara Kelly, who helped me design many of my postcards and posters, designed the book so it could be printed.

Some of the people who helped create the book have moved on in one way or another. But everyone who is still at The Mansion will get a copy of the book for themselves and their family.

I had 50 copies made and sold 25 of them in my Etsy Shop for $10 each.  The proceeds will be donated to the Army Of Good and will be used to benefit the people who live at The Mansion.


2 thoughts on ““The Odd Duck Finds Love”. The Book is Sold Out Thank You!

  1. This is so wonderful! It brings tears to my eyes. My mom is in a care home and I wish there were volunteers there like you and Jon. It would mean so much to her to have activities like this. Thank you for caring and being so generous with your time and talents, Maria.

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