Liz’s Scarf Made From Lori and Suzy’s Wool

Liz’s scarf made from Lori and Suzy’s wool

Liz just sent me this photo of a scarf she made from Lori and Suzy’s wool.  I’m never quite sure of the color of the wool until I see it made into something.  It looks different on the sheep than when it’s in a skein of yarn.

The truth of it is seen in a beautiful knitted piece like the one Liz made.  Although I’m not sure if I’d call it a smoky brown or gray.  I’m certainly impressed by the patterns and texture of Liz’s work.

2 thoughts on “Liz’s Scarf Made From Lori and Suzy’s Wool

  1. Maria, that is just gorgeous. what a gorgeous color. and the sweater (ivory) beneath it. I wonder is that for sale too? I wonder if Sue Silverstein would like – i would purchase as an anonymous gift giver. So sorry about Jon’s fall. I have things on the floor that should not be there and now i shuffle when at home. So easy to trip and fall.

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