Making Coil Pots At The Mansion

The new very big round table was just what we needed at The Mansion this morning as we rolled out clay then coiled it into pots.

Mansion Aides Bonnie and Mary were there to help.


Peg loved working with the clay. She’d done it before.  When she was done with her pot she rolled up balls of clay and put them inside it. Most of us thought were eggs and her pot a nest. But they were apples.  Once the clay dries and can be painted, we won’t be mistaking Peg’s apples for eggs.

Some people instinctively like the way clay feels in their hands and others find it messy.


Ellen was concerned with how dirty the table was getting, but that didn’t stop her from making a lovely little clay pot.


Ruth and Claudia had made coil pots with me before.  That was a few years ago.  The shape of Ruth’s pot was very organic, flowing even.


Claudia was more interested in making a snake, so maybe next time we’ll make animals from the clay.

We put the clay pots on the windowsill to air dry.  They don’t need to be fired.  When they are dry, they can be painted.

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