News From The Barnyard

Fanny and Lulu at the salt lick this morning.

Issahcar and Biddy

Yesterday Issachar was nibbling on the Volunteer Squash that grew in the barnyard. Today it’s all gone.  I don’t see anymore more growing, but it may surprise me.  I did see a few flowers on it earlier in the summer.  Biddy, who was right there with Issachar, tasted the Squash but decided she liked the grass which sprang up overnight with all the rain we had.


2 thoughts on “News From The Barnyard

  1. I just finished reading Jon’s book “second chance dog” and came here from there, and being able to see Fanny and Lulu from the book is amazing and made me smile

    Quick question- do you guys shear the sheep yourselves or does someone else do it? I’m just
    quite curious 🙂

    1. Welcome Sage. I hope you enjoyed the book. And no we have a shearer come to shear the sheep. His name is Ian and he comes in the spring. Just last weekend I brought the wool from the spring shearing to the mill. I’ll have yarn in the fall.

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