Free Motion Sewing With Hser Nay

Hser Nay trying out the free motion sewing machine

I was testing out the many different stitches on the sewing machine that Karen donated to Bishop Gibbons when Hser Nay walked into the room.

I was so happy to find out that she was one of the students that would be coming to the school in September.  I pulled the fabric out from the machine and showed her the stitches the machine made.  A dog, leaves, and a boxy design were just a few of them.

Then I showed her the new Brother sewing machine that Dee gave us.  We set it up together figuring out how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine.  Hser Nay was impressed with the top loading bobbin which is a lot easier to use.

Whe we were done, I slid the extension on the machine and showed her how to draw.

I explained that she had to move the fabric while the needle stays in one place, which is the opposite of how we’re used to drawing or painting.

She took to it easily.  After a few practice designs, she drew a rose, spiraling from the inside out.

Seeing how much Hser Nay was into it, I was getting even more excited about teaching sewing again.  And with all the machines, fabric, and space to work more students can be sewing at once so they won’t have to take turns using the machines.

I think there may also be some students who will be drawn to the free-motion sewing that might not have been  interested otherwise.  And if they see another student, like Hser Nay doing it that may want to make them try even more.

I’m curious to see what they will do with it.

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