Covid Together

Jon reading under the apple tree yesterday

Even though Jon hasn’t tested positive yet, he has many of the symptoms of covid.

If we had to get covid, it’s working out well so far.  Each of us is able to take care of the other as we get worse before feeling better.  If Jon tests positive tomorrow, he’ll check with his doctor to see if he should get the anti-viral medicine Paxlovid.

Yesterday we sat outside under the apple tree for a few hours.  Jon read his book and took pictures.  I looked at the fields, mountains and sky as if I were watching a movie that I was familiar with but had never seen before.   We visited with the donkeys and we watched the hens peck at a melon rind until it was paper thin.

It’s another beautiful late summer day but Jon isn’t feeling well so I don’t know if he’ll make it outside again.

I’m still taking it easy, just doing what I have to is enough to tire me out.

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