Jon Making Us Bouquets From His Garden

Jon put on long pants, suspenders, and his sneakers this morning.  Normally so normal.  Yesterday he wore shorts and went barefoot all day.  The first time I’ve ever seen him do that.

So I knew he was feeling a little better.  That’s what we say to each other, a little better every day.

And for those days that Jon didn’t get out of the house, the zinnia’s in his garden just kept growing.  This morning he made us a bouquet for the house and one for my studio.

4 thoughts on “Jon Making Us Bouquets From His Garden

  1. I love making bouquets from the garden flowers and I had been bringing bouquets of zinnias in for our kitchen table. The other day when I was out watering the vegetables a pair of hummingbirds came over and went from one zinnia to the next enjoying the nectar in the blooms. Then they checked out the marigolds and left those immediately. So I think I’ll be leaving the zinnias for the hummingbirds and making more bouquets of marigolds and maybe daisies. So happy you and Jon are feeling better each day! Have a relaxing weekend.

    1. That’s so sweet Josie, to leave the zinnia’s for the humming birds. I find they really like the zinnia. It surprised me, I thought they’d be more drawn to the flowers that are trumpet-like. Although I see they like some of the dahlias too.

  2. I’m so glad you and Jon are doing better! What a strange illness when everyone has a different version. Well wishes to you and I’m glad to see you are out with your animals and in your studio and Jon making his beautiful bouquets. Lovely pot holders lately!

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