What Sheep Do

Sometimes I get lucky.  I’ll be taking a video and it just works out perfectly.  Like the time I just happened to be taking a video of a leaf in the current of the pond and a water strider hitched a ride on a leaf.

But then there are times, especially with our animals, when I have a good idea of what is going to happen.  This comes from living with them and knowing their habits.

This morning I saw the sheep and donkeys out the window before I let the dogs out.  I knew when they saw me they would start making their way back to the barn. . Even though I’m not feeding them hay, they still connect me with food and go to the place where I feed them.

So I had my iPhone out and ready to take a video before I left the house.

The sun was still low enough to sparkle the mist and give each sheep a golden outline as they walked into the light. It was luck that no cars drove by for the minutes I was taking the video so you can hear the continuous hum of late summer insects.

You can depend on sheep following each other.  It may take a little while, but when one moves the rest follow.  This behavior has been made to seem a negative thing by humans.  Calling people sheep means they follow blindly. It implies that sheep are dumb.

But for sheep, this behavior is how they survive.  It’s part of their intelligence to know to stay together for protection from predators.

4 thoughts on “What Sheep Do

  1. The most calming,reassuring moment of now.
    So pleased you had the that knowing of their behaviors, and captured them in this .
    Thank you

  2. Morning, this particular slice of nature you caught on vidio is going to be part of my daily morning routine. Beautiful , peaceful, soothing. Thanks for capturing

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