My Blog and I Could Use Your Support

Fate and Shadow me in front of my School House Studio

(You can support my blog by clicking here.  You can make a one-time or monthly donation on Paypal at [email protected] or you can send a check to me at Maria Wulf PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816).  

When I first started making art, writing about it was a chore.  Now it’s something I couldn’t imagine not doing.  I love writing about my art, the process, and its meaning. It helps other people connect to it more easily as well as allows me to understand my work better.

And it’s my blog that makes that happen.

My blog has become so much more than just writing about what I do in my studio.  It’s where I write about my life, where people can connect to me as a person, not just an artist. It’s a place where many of you share your own stories.   It’s also where I post pictures and videos of the animals I care for and love.

My blog has become as much a part of my art as the potholders, quilts and fabric paintings I make and sell on it.

But a blog like any kind of technology or machine needs updating.

For the past couple of months, as many of you know,  I’ve had a lot of technical problems with my blog.  I’ve fixed those problems, but it has become more expensive for me to maintain.

My Blog is and always will be free to all of you.  It doesn’t cost anything to subscribe to.

But I am asking for your support.

If you can and would like to donate to my blog you can do it by clicking here. You can make a one-time or monthly donation through Paypal at [email protected] and Venmo.  You can also send a check to me at Maria Wulf PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.

Your donation will help me keep my blog updated so it runs smoothly and support me and the work that I put into each post.

If you like seeing and reading about how I make my art, if you enjoy seeing the sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats, and hens in my photos and videos, and if my writing about my life and the natural world makes you think about your own life and your place on this earth, please consider donating to my blog.

I have people who make donations when they can and others who donate monthly in amounts from $1 to $50.

You can make donations anytime by clicking here or on the Support My Blog button at the top and bottom of my blog.  You can use Paypal at [email protected] or Venmo to make a donation.  Or you can send a check to me at Maria Wulf PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.

You can also subscribe to my blog for free by clicking on the Subscribe Button at the bottom of my blog and following the simple directions.  When you are subscribed, my blog will be delivered to your email. And if you don’t like reading in the format on your email, just click on the title and it will take you directly to my blog.

You can also easily stop a monthly subscription to my blog through your  Paypal or Venmo account.

I want to thank everyone who already donates to my blog or has in the past.  And I also want to thank all of you who support my art by buying it.

And even if you can’t or choose not to donate to my blog I thank you for being there.

4 thoughts on “My Blog and I Could Use Your Support

  1. I love reading yours and Jon’s blogs. Your connection to each other, to your farm, the animals, and your life paths comes through so beautifully, and helps strengthen my connections to all the positive energies in my life too. It is an honor to support you both, the good work that you do, your soulful art, and all the smiles sharing creates. Many blessings on all your endeavors!

    What is your Paypal account address? I don’t have Venmo.

  2. I feel the same as Lori
    There is a link for paypal
    It doesn.t say paypal.
    But if you click at bottom of your blog where it says ‘support my blog’ that opens the paypal page.

    1. Yeah, DawnMarie, That happened with the changes go my blog. Another Glitch. I’m so glad Lori pointed it out to me. I’ll have it fixed next week hopefully.

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